The Beatles-LOVE

  1. What types of problems did the creators of the show have when it came to creating LOVE?
-They had some troubles trying to please everyone, especially Yoko Ono in consideration of Johns music.

  1. How did they overcome those problems?
-They overcame these problems by changing according to their desires.

  1. As you watch the documentary, what would encourage you to go and see this production in Las Vegas, if you were given the opportunity? Be specific.
-The fact of it being The Beatles would convince me to see it. I’ve familiarized myself with their music and really enjoy it. It seems to be really well done and this would be the closest to a Beatles concert that I’d be able to attend.

  1. If you were one of the four members of The Beatles and you knew that YOUR music was being used for this show what would be really worried about? Listen to Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr’s interviews.
-I don’t think that I’d have that big of a problem with having my music featured. Just as long as they didn’t make it like a elementary school play, I’d be fine.

  1. What are five things that you learned about the process of creating a show like LOVE?
-They would need to please the people that made the music and the people close to them.
-If someone was to have a problem with it they would have to change it no matter how close it is to the opening date.
-It was very expensive to produce
-If something was to go wrong in a set or the stage didn’t move properly or on time, they would either need to stop the show (which would be unlikely) or the dancers would need to improvise.
-If they were to alter the music to even make it better quality, the die-hard Beatles fans would be furious.