1) Myself: Since I buy most of my belongings at thrift stores and stores that sell cheap stuff, I am in the Belonger category but only because of that one thing. I am accustomed to change and it doesn't matter to me the differences in brands except for chocolate milk because Beatrice brand is gross.

2) Dean Winchester (Supernatural): Dean is very much a Belonger, most of his belongings he has had for many years or have been passed down to him by someone close to him. He likely shops at all the same places, always orders the same general thing from restaurants (burger and fries) and whenever he can, he gets pie. Family is very important to Dean, I mean, come on, how many times has he died for Sam? He'd rather that his life would stay black and white, and doesn't really like change.

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3) Ashley and Nicole: My brother and his wife are Emulator-Achievers, they buy big brand clothing for their family like Quiksilver, DC, Element, Roxy, etc. He buys the highest quality tools, no matter the price and buys all of the high-tech gadgets like the newest computer, IPhone, TV, etc.

4) Shaun: My sisters boyfriend is very much Socially Concious, he buys organic food, and used clothing. As long as something is good for him and his family he will buy it. He studies a lot about conspiracy theories and adapts his lifestyle to have precautions to avoid chem-trails, fluoride in the water and poisoning from pesticides.