This ad is about gender stereotypes mainly focused around men and women in a gym setting. They are trying to show how fake stereotypes are and how they set confines on people. When watching this PSA I start to feel angry because girls really are seen as only capable of sitting and talking at the gym with no interest other than that. After the ad ends I am left with feelings of disappointment, because of these stereotypes girls will always be expected to not work at all in a gym setting.

This ad is about being confined to a box by the labels we have stuck on us and how some people will try to eradicate those labels by changing themselves or giving up. They're trying to make us think about what we define ourselves and others as and how we let that affect our lives. When watching this I have a sense of self-awareness of what I define myself as and whether or not that holds me back. After watching I feel triumphant because they all decided to break the boxes and not limit themselves to those few labels.

The topic for this PSA is to tell people, particularly young boys, to be extremely cautious of homosexuals and the contagious disease, homosexuality. They are trying to convince us that all homosexuals are paedophiles and are preying on boys and will resort to violence to get what they want. While watching this ad I feel angry because it basically says that all homosexuals can't control themselves and need to be locked up to protect the public. After the PSA I couldnt stop thinking in disbelief, "This can't be real. This has gotta be a joke." But it it is indeed real. It is sickening for me to think that, almost 70 years later, the treatment of the GSRM communities are barely treated any better than in this video.
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The topic of this PSA is to make people aware of the inequality towards women that is normally brushed off shoulders as an unreasonable source. The makers of this ad are trying to make us think of a) How we treat women and b) How women are seen in the public eye. I feel disappointed that this is actually what you see when you type a phrase like this into Google.

This is an ad to raise awareness about pets abandoned on the side of the road. They're trying to tell that it's only the owners fault and not the dogs so you should adopt right away. At the beginning you start to feel sympathetic towards the dog and at the end you feel like saying,"you deserve it, sucker."