I love basically any genre of music and I will listen to anything as long it has a catchy tune, witty, funny or powerful lyrics, or if they have passion for what they're doing. Here I'll list a few of my favourite bands with my favourite songs of theirs. I won't list all my favourites just to save your sanity.

Pierce The Veil:
I really like this band, the rhythm is infectious and the lyrics are witty and they are extremely inspiring people.

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Marianas Trench:
This band and it's members has gone through so much such as depression and addictions that they're success is greatly deserved. And they are very funny guys, so that's a plus.

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One Direction:
I love these guys because of their music and because they are the type of guys that I would hang out with.

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Bon Iver:
I thoroughly enjoy Bon Iver because he specializes in slower songs with deeper meanings and emotional connections

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Ed Sheeran:
I like Ed Sheeran for the same reasons that I like Bon Iver. Ed is also very talented in other forms of music (rap, hip-hop, pop, etc.).

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The Beatles:
I've only recently gained an interest in these international rock stars. I really like their zaniness and the fact that they were high when they wrote most of their hit songs is kind of interesting.

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I also really like classic rock music. but I do not have one favourite band or favourite song.

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Fall Out Boy:
Another of my absolute favourite bands is Fall Out Boy.

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Blink-182/Box Car Racer:
At first I bought their greatest hits album because I liked two of their songs and ended up not liking the rest, but after a few times of listening to them and looking up the lyrics I realized that they had become one of my favourite bands.

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Revelation Days:
They're not a big band, they don't even have an album out, but I saw them live and they are extremely good. The youngest member is 11 years old and plays the bass phenomenally. The drummer is also really talented and is only 14. the final member is a very nice man of God and is very good singer and guitarist.

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I Hate Kate/Darling Thieves:
Most of the music that I buy I get from garage sales and second hand stores and most bands and albums I have never heard before and ever so often I find a band that I end up loving. This happens to be one of them.

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Cities Under Fire:
These guys are the first Christain band that I've actually liked. they're from North Battleford and have astonishing passion for what they do. I've even gone to a concert of theirs on September 27th.

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