I have a wide spectrum of favourite movies (but not very many are chick flicks). Most of my favourites have some element of action or comedy.
V for Vendetta:
I love this movie because it is told from the 'villains' perspective. It tells of an oppressive government and the people fighting to gain control. This movie is based on the graphic novel.

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Harry Potter:
I absolutely adore Harry Potter. This is the series that I grew up with.

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The Avengers:
I love the movie and all of the individual movies. Thor is definitely my favourite movie and favourite Avenger. but Loki is my favourite character.

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Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog:
This is more of a play than a movie but whatever. It's a tragic and comedic musical.

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Cabin In The Woods:
It is written by the same guy wrote Buffy and Angel. It's basically the typical horror movie but it has a really unexpected twist at the end.

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