How would my grandparents react to the T.V. shows, books, music, websites and movies that I immerse myself with? I can't say for sure but I don't think that they'd particularly like them.

First up on the line up to be analysed by myself as if I was my grandmother is T.V shows. Since most of the series that I watch follow a similar pattern of violence and dark humour I don't think that she'd approve of most of them. Such as Supernatural, which has main themes of violence, demonic behaviour, and the thought of lowering God down to man's level. Another few shows are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Being Human, which follow the same themes of Supernatural. She would never approve of Misfits. I think that the only show that I watch that my grandma would approve would be Firefly.

As for music, it's unlikely that they'd say that they absolutely hated it because I have only a few songs that have swears or talk about sex and drugs. They would definitely frown upon basically all of my music because my Grandma was very religious and my Grandpa doesn't really like music that was written after the 70s.

And now for books. I don't think that my grandparents would really care what books I read because they don't read very often.

The movies I watch I know my grandma would not approve of because she even hated a bunch of animated Disney shows because they had too much death. I know for sure she wouldn't like Kick-Ass or Wanted or basically any other movie I watch because they are all laden with swears, death, violence, gore etc. Half of the shows I watch my grandpa would watch with me though.

The only website that I go on constantly is Tumblr. Neither of them would approve of this site because it is notorious for its porn and weed blogs, but the truth is you only see that crap when you search for it. I use it for fandoms and to find music and books and meet interesting people.

After writing this out, I realize how immersed I am in stuff like sex, drugs, alcohol, and violence but I don't think I will ever stop watching/reading/listening to the stuff that i do because they all have redeeming factors that outweigh all the other stuff.